Quality Custom Furniture at Affordable Prices!

I've been in the woodworking business for almost 20 years. It started out as a hobby making children's furniture for my grandchildren. It wasn't long after when I realized there was a market for what I was making. Eventually I started taking orders from my co-workers and friends when I realized that, although woodworking was a hobby, it was also good to be profiting from something that I loved to do. 


My furniture is made from Maine's vast resource of hardwoods.  

 I use mostly rough cut air dried lumber with emphasis on red and white oak, maple, cherry, walnut and other hardwoods purchased from local mills right here in Maine. This allows me to do my own milling and therefore, I can pick and choose the best pieces for the job insuring that you get a quality piece of furniture.


Anything from the Gallery page can be duplicated or I can build from my plans or yours. If you have an idea or sketch or a hand drawing or even a picture of something you like don't hesitate to present it. I can price it out for you and give you an estimate at no charge.


I'm retired and in my shop every day so please call, email or text me anytime and remember "Quality Custom Furniture at Affordable Prices".


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